CFNWA is a non-traditional source of financing for local entrepreneurs and small business owners. Whether you are starting from scratch, taking over an existing business or just looking to expand, CFNWA will help you every
step of the way to ensure success!

As a federally sponsored, community driven organization, we provide business
advisory services to help you get started or to expand your business.


Lending Process Overview

  1. Loan inquiry is received, Client Information Sheet and Business Plan Guide is picked up or downloaded.

  2. Client completes as much of the business plan as possible, then schedules an appointment with the Business Analyst.

  3. Client meets with the Business Analyst to review the business plan and receive more information and direction. This step may be repeated as many times as necessary.

  4. Client completes the business plan with assistance from the Business Analyst as required and submits the plan for review by the Lending Committee. Further information may be required with submission, as indicated by the Business Analyst. A non-refundable loan analysis fee is due as well (see Lending Guidelines).

  5. CFNWA conducts consumer and business credit reference checks.

  6. Submitted business plan is compiled with other relevant information and presented to Lending Committee by the Business Analyst.

  7. The Lending Committee will then:
    • approve the loan proposal and inform the client of decision and conditions;
    • decline the loan proposal based on lack of viability and inform the client in writing;
    • or defer a decision until further information can be provided as specified.
    If a decision has been deferred, the client will be contacted and asked to submit the required information. Once received, the new information will be reviewed by the Lending Committee for a final decision.

  8. If your loan and business plan are approved the Business Analyst will prepare the security for your loan and the loan documentation. A meeting with the Business Analyst to sign all loan documentation (providing all conditions are met) will complete the loan request process. CFNWA is available throughout the repayment period to help you manage your new business or expansion. Ask our Business Analyst for more information!

Rejected Applications/Appeal Process:

  • The General Manager or Business Analyst will inform the client immediately following the Investment Review Committee decision meeting.
  • The applicant will be sent a letter outlining the reason(s) for rejection.
  • Appeals will be addressed by the Investment Review Committee only.
  • Appeals must be made in writing
  • Upon an Appeal request:
    • Investment Review Committee meets and review the loan application briefly before the client arrives.
    • Client is called in and makes his/her presentation.
    • Committee asks the client questions pertinent to the loan.
    • Client leaves the meeting.
    • Committee analyzes the loan application and makes their final decision.
    • Client is advised by authorized personnel within 24 hours of the decision.
    • Only one appeal permitted per proposal, with the Board’s decision being final

Redress Process: 

  • If the appeal is declined, the appellant may again appeal the decision in writing.  The appeal should include reasons and new information supporting that appeal (redress.)  For this appeal, a Redress or Appeals Committee consisting of not less than three (3) not more than seven (7) members representing two (2) or more Community Futures Corporations shall review the amended appeal application.  This Adhoc Committee representative of Community Futures Corporations shall be the highest level of authority.
  • Accordingly, the decision will be considered final and binding on behalf of the Corporation that assessed, reviewed and declined the original and the initial appeal applications.  If this joint Ad Hoc Appeals Committee, representing two or more CF Corporations, upholds the appeal and grants approval to the investment (loan) request as amended, the standard lending processes of the original CF Corporation will be undertaken and completed.
  • A $250 fee plus all expenses associated with the Ad Hoc Committee shall be the responsibility of the appeallant.

Lending Guidelines (PDF)

Click here for more information.

Print and fill out the following forms before making an appointment as this information
is required to present to the Lending Committee.

Client Information Form (PDF)
Client Waiver & Indemnity Form (PDF)
Loan Application (PDF)
Business Plan Guide (PDF)

For more information on starting a business on our region
download the following information booklet . . .

Starting a Business in the Mackenzie Region (PDF)


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